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Yoga workshops hosted in our beautiful retreat

Yoga, massage therapy and Reiki run by professional tutors that help you restore a sense of calm. Take some time for you - book with Honey Meadow Retreat today.


Find your inner peace

There's no denying that life can be a little overwhelming from time to time. We all deserve some time away from our everyday lives, and our John and Harriet will help you dedicate that time your personal wellbeing. 

Our popular yoga workshops and retreats are designed to help you calm your thoughts and truly unwind. Held at our site, you'll have chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy the energy that the countryside brings. Everyone is welcome, irrespective of your knowledge or experience of these practices - simply register your interest with us to join! 

Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats for 2022
All our retreats are full board and fully inclusive.

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March 24th - 28th........ 
May 5th - 9th.........

These retreats run by Hannah are amazing... we will do some of the sessions here, and also take advantage of our mini bus and use the beaches and moors, there will be plenty of time to enjoy our immediate surroundings too. We can also pick anyone up from Exeter airport and train station or you can drive here. You will be able to switch off and relax.

If you need any further info or to reserve a place please do not hesitate to contact us. More detailed information will appear soon!

Watch this space!

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Plan your retreat

Move your body, breathe deeply and exhale that built up stress. Book onto our holistic yoga workshops at Honey Meadow Retreat. Call Harriet on 01769 520296 or complete our online form for availability.

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